The beauty and fragility of nature, human culture and life is my source of inspiration. In Anthropocene we seem to forget or ignore that human beings are a part of nature, not only our surrounding. My aim is to show impressions and frozen moments sprung out of these concepts. Some tapestries can be seen as metaphors for human lives and the culture we create.
I focus on contrasts. In one hand the contrast between shadow and light on the other hand the contrast between what is in focus and what is in the distance. I want to enlarge details and take the outdoor impressions to our interior, to remind us of the beauty and fragility of Nature, Culture and life itself.

LisKorsgren_November Rose Hip_full wiew (kopia)

November Rose Hip. 2021

The tapestry November Rose Hip is a handwoven tapestry that started with a photography. With the technique I prefer I sort of weave in layers almost comparable to painting. I weave plain weave as in traditional Gobelin technique, but I let the chosen colored warp to be seen and add its color in the composition. I use soumak like dots to change hues, grade from shadow to light and also get the possibility to weave part of the composition in focus other out of focus. I let the plain weave either to be seen or covered with soumak. I weave in discontinuos weft with butterflies consisting of up to ten different threads, in linen, wool , silk and cotton. I dye the yarn myself.

LisKorsgren_ November Rose Hip-detail (kopia)

LisKorsgren_November Rose Hip_ close up (kopia)

November Rose Hip - close up


Aquarelle - Water Color, 2020

This piece is originally painted as a water color by my then teenage daughter Stella. I see these boats and sails as a metaphor for human lives, sometimes crossing calm waters sometimes very harsh ones. The frame surrounding the collage is water, from its furious dark forms to its warm and gentle opposite, colors of the world that surround our lives on earth. To me this is a story about life.

IMG_1138. IMG_1070. IMG_1088 IMG_1079

Details, Aquarelle - Water Color


” Morning Haze”, (2017, 220 x 167 cm).

I found this scenery in Porto, Portugal, and was attracted by the bridge and the fishing boats coming back from sea in the morning haze. The rising sun meeting the morning haze created a symphony of amazing colors. Bridges are often beautiful pieces of architecture and construction reflecting the time when they were created to connect people. They’re regularly used as metaphors for important matters in our lives and in our history.
Their importance to us is reflected by the fact that bridges are among the first to be torn down in times of conflict and war, but also among the first to be rebuilt.

D8C_7160-Edit_screen kopia

Rye, 2016

Gamla bron hemsida

The Stone Bridge, 220x200cm (87x79in),2016

Today this bridge is the eldest in Uppsala. It is the spot one believes is the spot for the very first bridge in the town.
The first bridge on this spot mentioned in writing was a gift of King Magnus Ladulås in1286. That one was made of wood.


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The Apple, 120x80cm, 2013

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Linnéa Borealis, the twinflower, 74x115 cm, 2012
Exhibition at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis 2012
May I present ”Linnea Borealis, named after Carl von Linné.
The plant was the favorite of Carl von Linné, the founder of the modern system of biological nomenclature.
In my mind “Linnea Borealis”, only two inches tall, is the princess in the Nordic forest.

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Forest with Beech Trees, 180x108cm, 2011.


Forest with Beech Trees
Exhibition at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis 2012
A forest with beech trees, the majestic tall tree trunks, in soft shadow, captures your mind. When you raise your eyes you notice the sun sneaking its way through the roof of leaves. It is a day to remember.

Lis Korsgren

Traktorspår, Tracks, 60x60cm, 2011
Exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Transportation 2011
Woven Art ’14, Brittish Tapestry Group exhibition, London, Harrogate

Lis Korsgren Hjulbultar

Hjulbultar, Wheelnuts, 60x60 cm, 2011
Exhibition ar the Swedish Museum of Transportation 2011